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Mac Tip #2: Help! I Can’t Navigate Between My Finder Tabs!

With the latest update of MacOS Catalina (10.15.x), it seems that the keyboard shortcut to switch between Finder window tabs is no longer supported / missing!

This really annoyed me ’cause I use this every. single. day! The shortcuts are Shift + ⌘ + → OR Shift + ⌘ + ←.

Here’s how to reinstate this [much needed] functionality. You’re going to add 2 custom keyboard shortcuts in…

System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts

  1. Select “App Shortcuts” in the left side pane.
  2. Click the [+] button to add a new shortcut.
  3. In the popup:
    1. Application: choose “”.
    2. Menu Title: enter the exact name of each of the Menu Options (in this case, “Show Next Tab” and “Show Previous Tab”).
    3. Keyboard Shortcut: literally, perform the shortcut on your keyboard that you want in the box.
  4. Click “Add”.

Happy tabbing! …again.

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