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Mac Tip #1: Paste Without Formatting

I frequently find it annoying when I paste text into an email or a Word document, to find that the text that I just pasted retained the styled (and typically clunky) formatting from the source I copied from. Thankfully, there is a way around this.

Just so it’s clear, I have not used Windows for about 10 years now. The Windows method below may or may not work. I haven’t tested it.

To start, copy the needed text as per usual (Mac shortcut: Cmd + C). Next, use the extended keyboard shortcut below to strip the formatting from the text when pasting the copied text into an email, Word doc, etc.

Shift + Cmd + Option + V

Shift + Ctrl + V

Voila! Plain text magic…

4 years ago | Mar 12, 2016 | 2 Responses


  1. Johann Strahl says:

    This is really cumbersome on a Mac. I ended up buying a cheap app that always removes all formatting. Perfect for me! It’s called Plain text copy:

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