Adam Baney

Team Notepads!

A few months ago, I ran out of some notepads that I had liked using, and found that there were very few (none actually) notepads that are simple and practically blank. Colorful graphics all over the front of a notepad are so distracting!

As a creative, I decided to have some custom notepads printed for my team. I needed to design them—there weren’t any decent options available. There’s nothing like providing something as useful and as unifying for teammates as a custom “Calvary Design Team” notepad.

As I designed the notepads, I kept in mind how they’d be used. We typically take notes, make lists, draw, sketch, measure, etc. So, these had to be versatile. In the end, I landed on a grid dot system with each dot spaced 0.25″ apart. Four dots is 1 inch. This is what was created…

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