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Website Security

This service is included with all client websites.

What is Website Security?

Clients’ websites will receive the following services:

Why is Website Security Necessary?

When it comes to data security, backing up a website is vital

Web host server software and security features built in to WordPress are very good at blocking most attacks on a website. In the event that an attack is successful, having a back-up of the entire website is added peace-of-mind, ensuring that the attack can be cleaned up and the website back online quickly.

Keeping WordPress up-to-date

Older versions of WordPress and installed plugins become more susceptible to attacks due to discovered vulnerabilities in the code. WordPress is a highly secure website management tool, but attacks can use discovered vulnerabilities to inject malicious code into a site. As this is more common with older versions of WordPress, keeping WordPress up-to-date ensures that these vulnerabilities are taken care of before they happen. We do this for you by testing and upgrading regularly.

Ahh… Relief…

How do I know if my website managed by Adam Baney is secure?

To find out if security is enabled on your site, please log in to your site by going to If you are having trouble logging in, please contact me. After logging in, you will notice a dark-gray or black bar across the top of your screen. In the upper-left corner of that bar there will be a tab labeled “Security”. The word “ON” should be next to the word “Security”. If the word “OFF” is present, site security is not running on your site. Please contact me for assistance. If the “Security” tab is not there at all, contact me immediately, as your site is not secured, and will need immediate attention.

Website Security is a service to help ensure the safety of your site and its data. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me any time. A first-year signup will receive a 15% discount. To receive the discount, reference this page when signing up for the service!

Security Tips

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